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Virtual On-shop experience with Eyezon’s Live Buzz

Eyezon contributes a podium to lift up the present day small brick-and-mortar shops by giving them a competitive verge over the large e-tail sellers by its feature of “Live Buzz”. Being an avant-garde, one-stop-solution application Eyezon aims to comfort the problems of the online buyers in India. Covering the hyperlocal market, Eyezon creates the space which enables the user to decide whether to buy a product online or from a brick-and-mortar store. It provides a solution to the problem which most of the Indians suffer every day i.e., “Which product to buy? Where to buy ? and When to buy it?” so that one gets the Best Price for it.

Like Eyezon in India, a Boston and Montreal based start up, Hopper tells you when is the best time to book flights. Hopper has a prediction feature that indicates you whether to wait or buy. If you choose ‘wait’ this app will keep an eye on price change and notify you a prompt price drop. Skyscanner provides similar price alerts whenever price changes for the flights.

With the Flights category as well as the E-tail Category for Electronics and Consumer Durable Electronics items Eyezon, unlike others, brings local sellers on board and you could get the following advantages:
Set your own “Best Price” and get notifications on price changes.

Get Live Price for a product from the Local Sellers.

Eyezon provides a belvedere for the local sellers to list their products online and also provide offers/sale in real-time using Eyezon’s Live Buzz feature.

Sellers can put their offers and discounts on this platform and customers are able to send a note to the sellers. Once you start the app it immediately tries to get your current location using the GPS of your mobile device. You can either select ‘products’ or ‘flights’ according to your need. A search bar comes up next to help you explore the available products.

There is a ‘Live Buzz’ button (for products) at the bottom which shows you the number of local brick and mortar shops within a range of 15-20 kms. A click on Live Buzz gets you the live prices from local sellers in your area within 3 minutes. You can also choose from new, used and refurbished products. When a seller responds with his quote, the price appears on the product page. You can see the services he offers. You also get the action button to call the seller and the navigation to his shop.

On the top left the Indian Rupee Track icon is something exciting you were probably looking for many days. While you slide the Track On a change in its best price will give you an alert and if you enter your desired price on ‘Set Your Best Price’ you will be notified only when the price is less than or equal to the price set by you.

All your tracked products are saved in ‘My Bag’. If you want to discontinue tracking – simply ‘Slide Off’.

Reading all these details may take some time. However, buying your stuffs through Eyezon is a real time-saver. So, be choosy and be lazy 😉