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The Love Room – Pet Café

Pet Café was an unknown concept some time ago. Travelling or going out for leisure was not possible unless someone promised to take care of the pets. I used to have seven pets and now I do not keep one because of the same issue. “The fast changing scenario has made way for animal cafes that not only allow pets but also dish out gastronomic delicacies for the furry taste buds” , Petsworld informs. People want to spend quality time with their pets nowadays. Alcove pet cafés are coming up in our country and interestingly few claim they are ‘human friendly’.

Kolkata is now an emcee to a pretty petite pet-friendly café The Love Room. Now you and your pets can enjoy quality time together. The pet café is the brainchild of two pet lovers Ankush and Shruti. The Love Room café is home to 9 resident dogs though it allows owners to come with their pets and enjoy their time together. A fenced area for dogs is created so they can roam around anywhere in the cafe as long as they have their tether on. A separate menu is also dedicated to them. Due to scarcity of space the café is open to dogs only for now. The owners hope to create a larger space for all pet animals.

Shruti says, “Kolkata has no place or park where one can enjoy with their pets, our city is known as a pet friendly city but has nothing or very little to offer to the pet lovers. We also wanted to cater to the people who love pets but aren’t allowed to keep one at home. Going to a pet cafe is a stress buster and is very therapeutic.“

Dr. David Schopick claims, “Pets can help lower your blood pressure and reduce your heart rate”. Pet owners are fitter to indulge in fun time than non-pet owners. Pets can change your mood and keep yourself active. Pets reduce loneliness and they can give your life purpose. Hence it is a great opportunity for everyone in Kolkata to have a great time with the help of The Love Room.

Bastobika Guha visited the café and shares her experience, “Located just on the main road, it was quite easy to find. They take a cover charge of Rs 350.If you are a student, they take Rs 150.This will be deducted from the bill amount if the latter is greater. The decor and music makes the ambiance fabulous. The best thing is that in spite of the pets, they maintain such a hygienic environment. They have kept sanitizers in all the tables. Foods were delicious and they do not charge extra tax on the food. The service was pretty good and the staffs are friendly.”

“The biggest highlight of this place is that they have dogs with whom you can play and click photos as long as you want to. You can also bring your own pets. The dogs are very friendly, and full of energy (though sometimes they need rest: P). It was a really good experience to play with them and cuddle them for as long as you want.
In a nutshell, they serve amazing food and it is the best place to hangout for dog lovers like me!!” – she adds. Eyezon hopes more such places would sprout in the near future following the path shown by The Love Room.