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Power Banks : facts to see before buying – 2

Smartphones and other devices are becoming our stabile associates. We are growing a thorough credence on them for all our needs including but not limited to communication, entertainment, business and what not – we need them to last at least a day. Hence Power Banks have become a necessity. Eyezon brings you few more tips to consider before buying a power bank.

Input Current of the Power Bank:

It is crucial to remember the higher the capacity, the longer it takes to recharge. The input current of a power bank affects the time to top up the charge. Most power banks accept between 0.8A and 1.5A, with the higher currents mostly found on the higher capacity ones. There are few power banks that allow them to be charged while they’re charging other devices. However constant cross charging may affect the lifespan of the battery.

power bank micro usb input

Number of Ports:

Built-in USB cables now come up with many power banks so that you do not need to woe about leaving the USB cable at home. A few come with a built-in Lightning cable to cater to iOS users. Higher capacity battery packs also commonly come with more than one USB charging ports. More ports cost more money and depending on how many devices you carry you can choose the number of ports. Additional ports ensure that you can charge more devices at the same time.

Hardwarezone suggests, “Find out the total output current of the battery pack when more than one ports are used. For example, a battery pack with two 2A/5V ports may output the 2A when only one port is used. When both ports are connected, the total output may be limited to 3A, with each port getting 1.5A. There are of course others that have a total output of 4A (so both devices are able to charge as fast as they can), but as you might expect, they usually come at a premium.”

Moreover exploding batteries are not too uncommon nowadays. Better to buy from known brands or reputable vendors. Few Power Bank makers inform (usually on the packaging) the source of their batteries.