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Power Banks : facts to see before buying 1

How do you feel when you need to send an urgent email while you are travelling and your smartphone gets off? Disgusting and hopeless, isn’t it? That is why power banks are becoming popular to act as a messiah in difficult times. Although it could fetch a horrible experience if it doesn’t charge properly. Despite purchasing the power bank from a reputed manufacturer a user shares, “In less than 10 days of normal use, today my power bank couldn’t charge my phone. The blue lights keep blinking even when connected to power source or disconnected from anything. Very much disappointed. Don’t know what to do now.”

So we need to know certain facts and tips before choosing an external battery pack.

Portability vs Capability:

Capacity of a power bank is one of the major wagers. It is measured in milli Ampere-hour (mAh). The battery capacity of your mobile device is also measured in mAh. Suppose your phone has a 2,900mAh battery, a 2,900mAh power bank is able to recharge it fully once. However in reality it is a rare case. Voltage conversion and circuit resistance can cause power loss. The charging is also affected by the quality of the charging cable. So get one with a higher capacity (up to 20,000mAh) to recharge a device multiple times although it’s bigger, bulkier, and pricey.

The input current of your mobile device:

Most smartphone-aligned power banks output at most 1A (at 5V) over the USB port. It is often alright for few while some may note that their smartphone now takes a longer time to recharge as compared to when a wall charger is used. It is a true fact specifically for phones with ability to accept higher current. Nowadays there are Android smartphones with a 1.5A charging interface. You need to manage your expectations accordingly. Most tablets crave at least 1A to charge too, with some formulating to 2.5A.

Nowadays, we have various new models of power banks. Solar power banks, wind power banks, water turbine power banks, crank shaft power banks to name a few. Many are designed for outdoor use. It is crucial to compare the quality vs price. Thus Eyezon will focus on more such tips on its Olio blog.

Some popular models of power banks:

Lenovo Power Bank 10400 mAh

Intex Power Bank 10000 mAh

Ambrane 15600 mAh Power Bank