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Keep your Smartphone New – Issue II

Smartphones are phenomenon now. You might feel envious of your mates getting new smartphones while yours has become slack and passive. On the last post Eyezon has informed you how to keep the performance of your smartphone up. Let us look at a few other tips.

Customizing your phone is a good way to get rid of the boredom with the software. Android offers a glut of options to change the looks. You can install custom launchers and start playing with the themes and numerous icon packs. If you want to change everything on your phone you can get a custom ROM.

Dust particles are potential despoiler of your phone so cleaning your phone regularly is also crucial. Touch screen often collects moisture and sweat. Clean it using a soft cloth.

Keeping internal storage of your phone clean and free as much as possible will help the applications to work smoother. Moving all apps to the external storage could be a way out. Erase the app data of all the apps you don’t use regularly. It will save a lot of storage. You can also clear cache if you do not want to lose everything. You can try the cleaning apps which will clear temporary data from the storage. You can disable few applications you do not use regularly.

Charging is an issue people often mishandle. The way you charge your phone has an effect on the device’s life and its long term battery performance. There are people who charge their smartphone daily even if their battery lasts for two days, sometimes even twice or thrice. Overcharge is not recommended. You can try to keep a battery schedule and never use the device while it is charging. It is always better not to keep it plugged uselessly.

PCAdvisor recommends, “The rule with Li-ion batteries is to keep them 50% or more most of the time. When it drops below 50% top it up a little if you can. A little a few times a day seems to be the optimum to aim for. But don’t charge it all the way to 100%. It won’t be fatal to your battery if you do a full recharge – most of us are forced to do this especially in emergencies. But constantly doing a full recharge will shorten the battery’s lifespan. So a good range to aim for when charging a Li-ion battery is from about 40% to 80% in one go. Try not to let the battery drop below 20%.”

Your smartphone might be fermenting due to functioning on outmoded software, updating it might expedite things. Plus, you can also update the applications for a better experience unless you are running out of storage.