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Keep your Smartphone New – Issue I

Who does not want their smartphones to act real smart? Nobody likes it when the phone starts performing poor after few days of the purchase. Aryan Srivastava recently got frustrated after purchasing a branded phone. Recommending not buying that particular model he says, “It is the worst phone. I bought this phone just two months ago and its motherboard isn’t working any more now, also their service is too poor they aren’t fixing the problem. More than 15 days have passed that I had submitted my phone at the service centre and it is still there.” We hear such reviews regularly from our acquaintances. Eyezon looks at few tips to keep your smartphone good as new.

Firstly dislodge the worthless applications which run in the background and absorb your entire phone’s memory. Techpp recommends, “Keeping multiple applications for a single task is pointless when you’re struggling with performance.” You can use only one browser which you like to use the most instead of keeping multiple browsers on your phone. Antivirus apps can often degrade the performance of the phone. You can throw them out if you are not using browser much.

Stand-alone apps for older phones are common features now. For instance, you know the Facebook app is quite heavy so they introduced the “Facebook Lite” application. Do not crowd your home screen with unnecessary widgets and shortcuts. Too many widgets will affect the speed of loading home screens on android devices. Latest iPhone too lets you remove some of the built-in apps like Stocks and Weather.

Try putting off the animations from settings although it is bit intricate on android. You can enable developer options (Settings­>About­>Tap on build number a few times). Once enabled, go to Developer Options, scroll down to find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Tap each in turn and set it to .5x or off. Finally if nothing works, you can either try rebooting your phone or root it which gives you the benefit of deleting all the bloatware.

Smartphone loses its grace over time, but you are still using it all the time daily. So it needs to stay apt as bulk of your communication banks on it. Keep your EYEZON the olio blog. We will feature more tips shortly.