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I & We – Disruption in Education

The education system in India has always been a topic of debate. There have been a lot of questions raised on the marks evaluation of different exams based on numbers, grades and what not. Then there have been a lot of parallel schools coming up with different approaches. Even a few Colleges and Universities are trying some other-than-traditional models prevalent for the past decades.

Amidst all these debates and discussions there is a Startup – I & We which is surging ahead with a mission to revolutionize the way students should be educated. In short, I & We is the bridge which is scientifically built to be fitted into the most amorphous of gaps prevailing in our various educational institutions – be it Schools or Colleges, Traditional or Parallel education systems.

Brainchild of Aaquib Hussain when he was working for the IBM Innovation Labs in Bangalore, I & We started as a part of the Industry-Connect Programme. The idea evolved and led to further speculation along with the then roommates – Deepak, Apurba, Soumitra and now Co-founders. Since then there’s been no looking back. The team further expanded with few more like-minded members and at present I & We has 10 Co-founders.

“Everybody Who understands that Education in India needs a radical face-lift …and it needs to reach every nook and corner of the country with the same standard…” – is the mission of I & We

A thorough understanding the human behaviour and leveraging the present day technology is what has created the model of A thorough understanding the human behaviour and leveraging the present day technology is what has created the model of I & We.

The I & We Model

The model is very intelligently thought yet quite simple. The students are at the very beginning urged to discover their own fields of interest, then are asked to create something which they would like to create. This has no pre-requisites as such. The idea is to let the creative juices flow. It is Team I & We’s job to brainstorm with them and help them realize their ideas.

After a basic ideation, the students are provided with case studies and materials on which they can develop their ideas further. This goes on for 15 consecutive days where every group is given certain basic tasks that they need to complete along with peer to peer learning. This phase is followed by a 2 day phase when experts visit the students and help them create a Minimum Viable Product in a way which is somewhat similar to a 48 hour hackathon.

Once the MVP is developed, the next 15 days are spent in further enhancement of the product and making it market-ready. This process had led to the inception of varied products from varied domains which have been patented. Thus an ecosystem has been made which creates budding entrepreneurs who never even had a clue that they had the potential of creating something worthwhile, leave aside disruptive.

What is even more interesting is that the same model can be applied at the school levels to help the students better grasp the concepts of a subject they are learning. This way, the study is never boring but exciting and entertaining.

As told by Swami Vivekananda – “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in Man.”, I & We treads the path to help the future of India bring out that perfection from the fathoms of their hearts.

Eyezon wishes I & We all the success and looks forward to the day when I & We plays the role of the torchbearer in bringing the Indian Education System to a global standard.

Team I & We