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How To Manage a Billion Skills ?

The world, today, has already had a paradigm shift when it comes to the different kinds of jobs created and the pace at which technology is moving. There is an unceasing demand of varied skills in varied sectors. So with this demand arises the question – What needs to be done to match-make the right skills with the right jobs? The answer, to some extent, is given by an idea, a platform – BillionSkills.com.

So, if there are a billion skills, there are billions of people. If there are billions of people then it’ll become a humongous job to interview them for their varied skill sets. Won’t it also be useful for potential job-seekers to better understand themselves, their own aptitudes and have a better cognizance of their own skill-sets?

The time has changed and gone are the days when traditional courses and degrees where the benchmarks to getting suitable jobs. This is the era of Web 2.0 and employers are not just looking at IQ but are giving equal importance to EQ as well. The world has changed and changed for the good!

Spearheading the team at Magnox Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Founder, Sougam Maity says – “What is the need of BillionSkills.com? – The most basic need is to understand how skilled are the candidates who are applying for a particular job? This assessment is imminent for the health of any company or organization and with the government aligning itself with ventures like – Make in India and Skill Development, BillionSkills is going to be the hot cake in the near future.”

Presently, assessing the skills of candidates interested in IT, Banking, BPO and Programming , Team BillionsSkills has a vision to expand to every possible skill assessment that can be done be it Tech or non-Tech, blue-collared or white-collared.

Maity says – “Few important points to be noted are that – it’s not a just a platform which helps companies oust or filter candidates to get the best suitable ones. It is also the other way round. Candidates also understand their own standing better and hence can be more focused about applying according to their own strengths.”

BillionSkills Founder : Sougam Maity

“There are a lot of job-hunting portals or sites but the basic need of matching the skilled candidates is lacking. This can only be done after a proper assessment and we are here to do exactly that for all of you.”Maity says with a smile.

We at Eyezon, wish BillionSkills, billions of good wishes. The challenge of streamlining the complex area of the job market dynamics is indeed huge. But what’s a startup which doesn’t play with tough problems? 😉 🙂