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Free to Freelance?

Three years ago Times of India claimed West Bengal as a barren land for job hunters and said, “Reverse brain drain may have worked well for India, but not for the state”. Since then a lot of water has passed under the Howrah Bridge. The situation is perhaps not too luminous however there are few recent positive developments.

The start-up movement is picking up at a commensurate step in Kolkata along with cities like Bengaluru. A new genus of young and innovative start-ups is unfolding. NASSCOM partnered with the West Bengal government to assemble start up warehouse. The Kolkata Start-up Warehouse is located in the corporate hub of the city – Salt Lake. The Govt. of West Bengal has provided 10,000 Sq feet of space to build it.

Vikram Gupta, founder of IvyCap Ventures Advisors says, “It is true that the ecosystem in Calcutta is at a nascent stage. However, natives of the city are quitting cushy jobs and heading back to have their own start-ups.“

The manager of the NASSCOM Kolkata warehouse, Ravi Ranjan, has happily informed Kolkata is just next to Bangalore in information technology startups now.

We are quite accustomed with online job portals crowded with millions of employers and job seekers. We have been engrossed with career related social networks such as Linkedin. The idea of dedicatedly connecting freelancers is something unheard so far. Truelancer has a freelancer app on android that assists you to search freelance jobs as well as hire freelancers. It has presence in multiple countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK , USA and the Philippines.

Freelancing today is no more treated to be the poor counterpart of a full time job. General perception was mostly people in the creative arena or those who are incapable to find a job do freelancing.

The celebrated magazine Entrepreneur opines, “Freelancing is now being seen as a catalyst to micro entrepreneurship where people lend their skills and talent to businesses, (particularly start-ups and small businesses), grow their network, get more exposure, tap on diverse opportunities, and earn an equal handsome amount of money.”

Fortunately the ‘City of Joy’ has got a local on demand freelancer marketplace. It connects local freelancers to local freelance employment generators. Finding the right freelancer in the right place at the right time is made easy by Tootle. Good quality work is easily available on the other hand freelancers get quick money. Tootle concentrates on the location based service hence you can avoid the tohubohu of the online freelancers. The unethical perk of currency gap, arbitrage service and jobs can be avoided now.

Tootle : India’s first on demand local freelance marketplace

Tootle comforts in executing the short-term jobs appointing process more consolidated and sleek. It is managed from beginning to end by freelancers and regular citizens.

Whatever one thinks of the term ‘freelance,’ one cannot deny the boom of the freelance economy. “More and more workers are choosing self-employment and short-term jobs over traditional 9-to-5 office environments,” says National Post.

What could be the trend?

As a part of NASSCOM 10,000 startups initiative Tootle is doing its part for our state. It believes in work and action rather than criticizing everything sitting idle. Eyezon wishes Tootle a good fortune. We hope it will be able to bring a significant change in the career scenario of our city and surroundings.