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Helping companies to make better decisions faster is another idea which triggered thoughts among giants like Google. A start up of our own country, SilverPush, is addressing this thought and helping companies to reach their customers and understand them. SilverPush says, ‘Don’t just reach your customers, know them’. The technology helps companies to grow sales and market share at a global scale.

Re-targeting is a digital advertising term and it is done by dropping cookies or software codes on your browser to track the websites you visit. This, in turn, helps advertisers to follow you using the data. To make it simpler when you shift to a website from the previous one you may have observed an ad to follow you. You may find a coincidence while seeing the same ad on your mobile browser. Although it is not a coincidence rather it solves a big problem advertisers face. It is called cross-device retargeting.

Business Today informs, “data on desktop and mobile usage patterns are matched up to build a profile of the individual user. The profile is then used to serve advertisements to the user based on her or his previous purchases. Data includes gender, age, the products that interest the user, when she or he likes to search or shop, and location. SilverPush has created profiles of around 300 million mobile phones and tablets across the US and India”. Data management platforms and advertising exchanges help them with the data. SilverPush offers a platform to understand if companies’ latest TV commercials made waves on social media. Hence the wait until the next sales cycle to know if the campaign worked is not required. For instance SilverPush’s platform monitors live tv events across all channels and it detects events that are meaningful to client’s brands. Digital ad deployment is done within seconds of identified TV spot.