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Gustave Flaubert opines travel makes you modest and “you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” What if we get some modest approaches from the travel service providers? It is not rare to expect such modesty from our very own ‘city of joy’. You may not get too excited to know about another entry level online travel market place that is connecting customers with local tour sellers. While helping you to compare the cost from multiple choices in a same place Tripmamu, a start-up from Kolkata, is introducing the interest free holiday loan. Tripmamu is indeed enabling customers to purchase the tour on monthly price. You have a liberty to make your own itinerary and booking the self-planned holiday programmes is now a reality with Tripmamu.

Private multilingual holiday consultants are there as well to help you in holiday planning and booking. Tripmamu is currently focused on packaged tours with a plan of releasing more products shortly. Tripmamu is also “catering the seller interest by giving the access to the online B2B market where anyone from anywhere can purchase any tour and cater to the customers online.” Tripmamu is offering an e-magazine named ‘Trippedia’ which contains interviews, articles and location information.

On another front, there is a whole new dimension brought about in the travel segment.A social enterprise is working from this city promoting an innovative approach that believes in fair and equitable use and access to natural resources. Conscious Journeys is trying to enable the concrete well-being of disadvantaged and marginalized communities. It aims to, “ensure viable, long-term economic operations, providing socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders that are fairly distributed, including stable employment and income-earning opportunities and social services to host communities, and contributing to poverty alleviation.”

Conscious Journeys Objectives

Out of the belief that tourism can empower local communities Conscious Journeys promotes tools for diversification of economic activities of rural people. It tries to protect and promote products like organic agriculture and agro-processed products, non-timber forest products, textile and handicraft products, and tourist itineraries. Participation of emerging local enterprises and facilitation of market access is encouraged. Conscious Journeys supports the formal education of Kattunaickans in the district of Nilgiri through an NGO in India. Besides it runs a children sponsorship programme.

Eyezon is keen to explore different ventures on tourism as, apart from products, flight search is also a feature in our application. You can search and compare through online travel sites using the Eyezon app. As a part of the Nasscom 1000 start-up initiatives, Eyezon wishes great success to these initiatives which help to make a thriving start up ecosystem to emerge in Kolkata.