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Easy Daftar – A Startup for Startups

A Startup for Startups! – Easy Daftar. Daftar in Urdu or Hindustani means Office. As the name very much suggests it is indeed an easy office. Not that there’s no work and all play but that there are no hassles of the traditional ways an office space is usually booked or better say rented/leased.

Sahil Wadhwa, Founder, Easy Daftar is one of those men who are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug so much so that cushy jobs are not enough! Holding a degree of MSc in Advanced Management Practice and having a corporate stint paved the perfect platform for the Man to pursue his dream of having his own venture.

Wadhwa noticed that there are many like him who wish to pursue their own ventures and one of the most primal necessities for such startups was finding a co-working space.A place where a group of people can ideate and work together towards a common goal. Even if someone would manage to find a place, it would be associated with large security deposits, legal hassles in drawing up leases and inconvenient lock in periods. And in the very initial days, if a team is not co-located it’s impossible to take a project further. Not that everyone has an empty garage!

With a strong will to solve these problems, Wadhwa came up with the idea of Easy Daftar. Easy Daftar is the customized office solution that one can have according to his/her own needs. Depending upon the size of the team, number of days the office space is required, number of hours/day etc., it can be booked. The best part is that there’s no tension of big early deposits or any other legalities

Equipped with comfortable desks and chairs, dedicated high-speed lease line, spacious workstations, Xerox machines, lockers, conference rooms and pantry cars and much more, Easy Daftar offices are made to suit all the needs a startup can have. One step further – even systems and laptops can be rented! Another significant part is, these being co-working spaces, there will be limitless sharing and learning among different teams, different minds! A different level of networking!

Presently operating from 3 locations in Kolkata, Easy Daftar has intra and inter city expansion plans making sure the quality remains optimum. As the team says

So if you are a start-up, freelancer, solo-flyer, entrepreneur, SME or looking to get any work done in a fantastic environment of like-minded thinkers, sign up for an easydaftar and get your business rolling immediately!.”

Team Eyezon wishes Easy Daftar the very best in it’s endeavours 🙂