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Armor your laptops

In the 80s of the last century we have observed the first true portable computer. Osborne 1 was brought in by Adam Osborne who founded Osborne Computer Corp. This portable computer weighed 24 pounds and was priced $1795. Along with the pace of rapid development now we can carry our portable workstations anywhere. We often get lightweight laptops in lesser price than before.

However machines are machines and they cannot last forever. One of the most prevailing issues with crumbing laptops is overheating. Eyezon suggests you the means to protect your laptops with the ups and down associated with them.

A good quality laptop case or bag helps to protect the laptop from damage and things falling on it. Good padding and pockets for storing associated accessories is crucial.

Laptop Cases

Blemishes, moisture, dust can easily bruise your laptop. You can get an array of laptop skins which are in vogue and help to shield your laptop exteriors. Similarly a screen guard can safeguard against scratches and other physical damages.

Laptop Lock

If you need to leave your laptop alone for some time you can use laptop locks. Backing up the data is necessary to prevent the loss of important data.

You can inadvertently tarnish your computer with a virus by clicking tainted email attachments and links, visiting ambiguous websites. Inserting removable media such as USB sticks, CDs, DVDs that is infected with a virus can seriously damage your device too. Hence protecting it with a trusted antivirus is a prerequisite.

Overheating is a serious concern faced by many while using laptops for a prolonged period. It affects the processor, battery and hard drive to crash. Using laptop literally on your lap can harm your skin. Sometimes you might not even know that this is the root of your issues ranging from blue screens to data loss. Getting a fatigued motherboard on your hands could be the next on the queue to surprise you.

Multiple usage of your overheated laptop !!

Firstly you need to investigate the source of the heat. Inspecting air vents is necessary as no air flow means no heat transfer. You need to determine if the blowing air is hot or just a breeze. Check if a pile of dust in the vents and fans through the cooling channels is the miscreant in curbing air flow. Clean it out. Detach the fan doors, lift out the fan and clean all with a can of compressed air.

Moreover our behavioral patterns have an effect on damaging our laptops too. We often like browsing in bed instead of chairs or desks. It can actually work against of computers. Laptops are mostly designed with their air vents on the bottom for some wacky reason. Therefore laying it on soft bedding or carpet for extended use is a bad idea. If you consider yourself one among them you can invest in a laptop stand to keep the air flow unimpeded.

Cooling Pad

There are further advancements such as cooling pads. The fans of a cooling pad will help direct cool air to enter into the underside vents of your laptop. Some even come with USB hubs and other bells and whistles.

Few laptops have vents on the sides or elsewhere although the bottom of the notebook is still warm. In this case you can appraise a thermal (passive) cooling pad.

These are surely certain issues we all face every day and Eyezon hopes these tips would be useful.