2017 - A Journey Towards a Safe Island

The earth made another trip across the sun since I wrote a blog about our startup journey in its very first year(Year-in-Review-2016). As they truly say, time flies. After a year long product journey in 2016, 2017 was all about searching for a safe island to save ourself from drawning in the mid sea. But the retrospection brings excitement, as always.

Eyezon Mascot Golu

The beginning of 2017 was not pleasent. Our first product, Eyezon had to go away because of a severe fund crunch. The Eyezon ship sunk in the deep sea and no land were in sight. That was the first time we started thinking about survival. We needed a rest for a while and breathe easy in order to stay alive. So we had to take the hardest decision at that moment. The product has to go in the trust that we can create another if we stay together. Sometimes moving a little slow helps rejuvenation.

Service Projects

The primary focus of the company has shifted from making a single product successful to "ensure survival". We opened a service projects wing and started making software for others.


Those who still think that service projects are boring, produce less ROI hence wastage of time and energy. That is true to some extent but let me tell you my experience about it. I completely agree that selling software development service is not that scalable as selling products. But the model pose less risk and the only way out when you need survival. But apart from that, it also offers some unique and long term benefits to your company. Lets have a look on the following points.


There are challenges too. You are going to have lot of competitors and the quality is hardly valued by the domestic clients. So instead of being BETTER than the competitors we chose to be DIFFERENT. We developed our expertise around world-class technologies which not only offer scalable solutions, but also saves on time when you master those. We started delivering wonderful technologies using React JS, Node Js, Angular Js, cross platform React Native and endless opensource libraries. End result ?

Co-founders received their first paycheck in the month of APRIL, 2017

Government Collaboration

We were really lucky to get a contract from a state Governent department. Municipal Enngineering Directorate of West Bengal wanted us to develop a software for them to automate project monitoring across the state. This Govt. department provides engineering expertise to government sponsored projects through local municipalities and also reports progress to the sponsoring Government.

We developed an application for them which provides option for uploading project progress from any municipality across West Bengal. The progress updates go through an approval process and finally submitted to the sponsoring Government.

The solution is being used by 127 municipalities for progress reporting, approval process and for other purposes. It saved loads of time and energy by automating the whole process.

We always blame goverment for not using potentials of technology to drive its operations. But ...

When they get a taste of it, they get really crazy ;)

Opensource Contribution

While using opensource libraries as building blocks for the technologies we develop, we felt that we should also give back to the community. Almost every project we worked on, made us think of at least one reusable module which can be opensourced. We submitted quite a few libraries to github.


  1. react-native-mqtt - React-Native Higher Order Component store for real-time mqtt messages Edit
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  2. react-paginator - Simple pagination for React
  3. flat2hier-graphql - Turn your JOINED sql rows into a hierarchy of objects suitable for graphql response.
  4. rawsqljs - Keep your sql and js separated
  5. gps-fuzzer - Simulates a GPS enabled device moving along a path (polyline) and sends back current LatLong and Speed to a MQTT topic.

Live Buzz

The core feature of Eyezon was realtime communication between buyer and seller to support on-demand price discovery. In this year, we also conceived a product idea called Live Buzz around that concept.

Live Buzz (LBS) is a platform which caters to various software requirements to a IOT based solution. It comprises of a low latency messaging backend, automated trend and anomaly detection and stream data analyzer. The solution incorporates with open source client libraries and testing tools for painless integration with a wide range of hardwares.

LBS also caters to a newly coined software genre called Realtime App. Realtime apps are those which handle communication with multiple users and devices in realtime. I.e. a chat app, a live dashboard, GPS based tracker, voice and video calling. Most apps nowadays use one or more realtime features and the trend is increasing.

LBS will act as a scalable backend for these types of apps making the developer free from worries of developing and maintaining his own backend.

2018 TODO

We kept survival as the first priority in the last year. In 2018, we want to stay more planned but agile enough for trying new things. A few things that we are going to try in the coming year are:


Another year of journey, another set of learnings. A small rest then warm up for a while and ready again to swim for miles.

Happy new year from all of us at Theta One! Keep sailing!

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